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Cyclope Internet Filtering Proxy 4.0 build 300

Internet Filtering Proxy monitors the entire Internet traffic and blocks the access to websites and files according to the chosen filter. The requested web pages are displayed only if they comply with the specified filters. The Internet Filter allows to specify URL, keywords and file types (application, archive, Shockwave and Flash, audio and video) rules. Cyclope Internet Filtering Proxy is an Internet Filtering Software designed to optimize Internet

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CybSecureTS 1.7.1701: CybSecureTS is an Internet and Application Filtering Tool for Terminal Servers.

CybSecureTS 1.7.1701

filters at the terminal server point to provide complete protection for threats that come through internet or emails. It also contains an email filter which compromises of an SMTP filter and a POP3 Filter which enforces email policies of your organization. The file filter of CybSecureTS guarantees bandwidth saving. Install the software only to a terminal server computer and CybSecureTS protects all thin clients from using the internet. In addition

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Ez Internet Timer 5.9.1: Best Family Internet Filter. Control Child Internet Time, e-mail, messengers

Ez Internet Timer 5.9.1

Ez Internet Timer helps you control, schedule and filter Internet activity on your or your children PC. It will automatically block Internet, e-mail, messengers and will keep them blocked for as long as you schedule it. Ez Internet Timer has password protection and allows to create multiple schedules. Great software to protect your kids by limiting Internet and e-mail usage. Ideal software for Internet cafe, libraries or small businesses.

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Abnewweb_us It`s a parental control software.


AB New Web is software to allow certain websites or certain programs. is also a parental control software. You can banned websites or programs. You can schedule programs or users.

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Snappy Internet Control Internet parental control software to filter block web sites and network access

Snappy Internet Control

Snappy Internet Control is a cost-effective internet filtering and parental control solution for home or business. The software interface is easy-to-use and understand. Block web sites and network access. Completely eliminate internet access abuse. Restrict internet access by IP Address, Port or web site url. Features such as the Internet Schedule and Internet Timer allow you to limit and control when a user or program has access to the web.

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AllowBlock 2.12: Parental control content filter type software. Blocks or allows selected sites.

AllowBlock 2.12

internet safety in mind. Its internet content filter blocks or allows visiting selected websites in Internet Explorer. Manage exactly what websites are allowed for visiting and what are blocked. You may create two lists of websites: allowed and blocked. If a website that user is about to visit is on the allowed list the browser seemlessly displayes the contents of the webpage; if it is on a blocked list then the browser is forwarded to a blocked

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GateWall DNS Filter 2.0: Internet control by filtering DNS requests. Can be set up locally or remotely

GateWall DNS Filter 2.0

GateWall DNS Filter allows ultimate control of your Internet usage without the need for any additional software, proxy servers or hardware solutions in your corporate network. This utility will help you make your corporate Internet safer, minimize unwanted traffic and increase the performance of your Internet users.

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Cyber Web Filter 2.20: Powerful proxy which can share, monitor and filter Internet access on your LAN.

Cyber Web Filter 2.20

Internet on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Usage limits can be applied to users so that when a user exceeds their quota, their Internet access is restricted. The new SOCKS 5 proxy makes it possible to monitor and restrict usage in a wider range of Internet programs, such as FTP, e-mail, P2P file-sharing programs, IRC and IM chat programs. Advertisements and adult content can be filtered using the built-in filters. All Internet activity can be

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SYF - Safer Youth Filter 1.0: The SYF browser is an internet browser that blocks offensive content.

SYF - Safer Youth Filter 1.0

filters out content of over 700 key words and phrases that are offensive, or are potentially offensive in nature. The key word filter is easily customizable in the control panel. Additionally, specific internet sites and sub domains can be blocked from use. The user can pick any site to block or allow in the administrative control panel. There are no guarantees that this or any other internet filter can filter out all offensive content. The purpose

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CybSecure 1.3.300: CybSecure is an Internet Filtering, Application Blocking & Device Security Tool.

CybSecure 1.3.300

internet filtering and application blocking tool. CybSecure can help organizations to safeguard employee internet misuse by blocking internet access to browsers, instant messengers etc. CybSecure blocks access to illegal file downloads and it also provides you increased protection with its EXE and Window Blocker which will prevent the usage of mis-usable software. The Device Security feature provides you with additional protection against data theft

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